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SB Math Lessons

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Math Resources





My Online resources to Enhance Mathematics (grade 5 through algebra I and HS Basic Skills)

My Online Resources for K - 4

Math Powerpoints (super K-HS)

e-learning.com- videos and cute activities elementary & middle school

[example: Prime Factoring]

*** Harvey's math notebook files

(click on the links on top to get to the strands)   elementary & middle school




Interesting Collection of Interactive Sites


Dynamic Paper

create any type of all graph paper, nets, grids, number lines and more to import into your smart notebook file


 logic problems-new.notebook




2b. Addition of Integers (UDL).notebook

 percent lesson.notebook


   product of primes.notebook

Divisibility Rules Fling the Teacher.notebook Lesson Activity Toolkit - Quick Reference Guide  decimals julieth and karent.notebook 
pancake puzzle.notebook  MeanMedianAndModeNB10US.notebook  division integer activity.notebook 
 algebra vocab.notebook   MeanMedianandModeQuestionSetUS.notebook skoool.com interactive activities stage 3 and stage 4
 WhatIsMyDiscountUS-1.notebook improper-mixed revised.notebook

draggable math for students.notebook

Online version from Mr Nussbaum

Ratio and Unit Rate (j).notebook  dinosaurs math.notebook
morning calendar 2010.notebook
TracingshapesNB10US.notebook Interactive Talking Calendar from Starfall prime and composite,notebook
Everyday Math Grade 1 -smartboard and powerpoints

teachnology free do-nows by grade level

Solving Inequalities (Student).notebook
 Student NB Translations-Reflections.notebook Student SB Graphing Activity.notebook
Theor. vs. Exp. Probability (Student).notebook
Exponents and Square Roots.notebook Absolute Value-Intro. to Integers.notebook    
Solving One-Step Equations.notebook   Coor. Plane (basics).notebook   Box-and-Whisker Plots.notebook  
Percent Appl. (Discounts).notebook     Pi.notebook  Number Conversions (Student).notebook

 Graphs technology activity.notebook

Area city project 6th (2).notebook Expressions and Variables.notebook
prime and composite.notebook multi digit Multiplication.notebook   long division for lesson.notebook

Dividing Decimals.notebook

6A4. Scatter Plots - Activities.notebook

6A4. Scatter Plots-Correlations.notebook

Venn diagram.notebook

Multiplying Decimals.notebook


pythagorean theorem wagar.notebook

5B-5C. Perimeter & Area of figures.notebook

5F4-5. SA & Volume of 3-D Solids.notebook

Similar - Indirect Measures.notebook





Brightstorm math

(Teacher created math videos for all HS math courses)


Mathplanet-an online community where one can study math for free.

Ze-Genie - Use the  Free interactive math lessons, many with sound  (no need to register)

Math Warehouse - Interactive Math examples for geometry and algebra


McDougal Littell resources for HS math






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